Wisteria - Blue Moon - 4" Potted Rocketliners®

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Photos courtesy of Van Belle Nursery, Inc.

Rocketliners® are sized, shaped and rooted throughout the pot with strong and responsive roots. Gardeners can expect a finished healthy plant within a single growing season. They have greater fresh root mass and vertical root training which promotes faster finishing times. While it can often take up to 3 years for a shrub or vine to get fully established growing from bareroot, Rocketliners® may only take 12 months, saving you up to 2 seasons of waiting time. Rocketliners® are for gardeners that have busy lives, little time to waste and want to start out with the best planting stock.

About this Variety

Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue moon', widely popular, is something between a shrub and a vine, blooming vigorously in spring and summer with showy, cascading flower clusters that provide glowing color. Blue Moon is a cold-hardy, repeat blooming wisteria. It can grow 10 feet or more annually. Wisteria provides the drapery, vining slipcover look to camouflage a view or provide shade over a porch or pergola. It can live a long, healthy life with no pruning at all (depending on the look you seek), happily twining, climbing and sprawling over everything and anything in its path. A sturdy support is recommended.


  • Less aggressive than native wisteria
  • Shrubs are the cornerstone of landscapes
  • Rocketliners® have a greater fresh root mass and root training for faster finishing times


Full Sun


Spring to Summer


Grows 20-25' tall


Plant 5-10' apart with the root ball even with ground level

USDA Zones:

Hardy in zones 3-9

Growing Instructions

Dig a hole two times the width of the Liner pot. Set top of root ball even with ground level. Combine planting mix and garden soil. Fill to ground level and tamp down firmly. Water to settle soil. Add layer of mulch to retain moisture and discourage weeds. Water regularly for the first year, then as needed once established. Feed with a quality fertilizer following application and frequency instructions, typically just before and during the bloom season.

Care Tip

Prune to maintain shape.