Trumpet Vine - Flava - Flowering Vine

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Trumpet Vine is a terrific late summer through autumn performer that provides blooms in warm, rich shades for many years. Train to grow on trellises, walls or fences.

About this Variety

Trumpet Vine Flava produces bright yellow, 3" long trumpet shaped blooms. Its dark green foliage lightens to a yellow-green in cool weather.


  • Returns and blooms year after year in most hardy zones
  • Train to grow on trellis, arbors and fences
  • Showy blooms
  • Beneficial to pollinators; attracts bees, butterflies & hummingbirds
  • Easy to grow


Full Sun to Partial Shade


Summer to Fall


Grows 15-30' tall


Plant 4' apart, 1-3" with crown at soil level

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 3-9. Grow as Annual elsewhere.

Growing Instructions

Soil Preparation: Amend soil with compost to aid in drainage and give the vine some nutrition to help with root development. Planting: Dig a hole in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Place vine in hole so that the root ball is level within the bed. Cover with soil and tamp down to remove air pockets. Watering: Water thoroughly at planting. White actively growing, water frequently and thoroughly so that water will reach the roots. Mulching: Mulch to keep the soil cool and to prevent the soil from drying out.

Care Tip

Cut back in winter to keep vine in bounds.