Spring Blooming - Concertos - Patio Planter Kit - with Decorative Metal Planter, Nursery Pot, Growing Medium, Gloves and Planting Stock

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If you have limited space, no garden at all or just prefer container gardening, this kit is made for you! Container gardening makes it easy to care for your plants. As long as you have space on your porch, deck, patio or balcony for a medium-sized container, you can garden. Our transitional-styled, decorative, round metal planter (approximately 12" wide x 10" tall), comes with a hard-shell inner plastic growing pot with drainage, bag(s) of growing medium, planting stock, gardening gloves and growing directions. Everything you need to get started is included.

About this Variety

The 'lasagna method' of planting is essentially the technique of planting in layers and will produce an impressive display. Planting in layers provides space for more bulbs in a pot and extends the display's blooming time - making the most of the limited space available. You get the most bang for your buck and as much successive spring color as possible. To give this patio container garden an extended blooming period, not all varieties are intended to bloom simultaneously.


  • Easy spring color on patio, deck, balcony or front door
  • Great Fall gardening project
  • Perfect for small spaces


Full Sun to Partial Shade




Grows 6-16" tall

USDA Zones:

Protect from freezing

Growing Instructions

Remove all components from the shipping box. Pour about 5" of the included planting medium into the plastic growing pot. For the first layer, place the 3 fritillaria bulbs onto the soil and pour 1" of soil on top. This completes your first lasagna layer. Next, place the 12 tulip bulbs onto the soil and add 1" of soil on top. Plant the 25 remaining muscari bulbs. Continue to plant and layer until all varieties have been planted. Depending on the desired look, either scatter the bulbs when layer planting or group them by layer for a tighter, fuller grouped look. It is ok to crowd the bulbs. One helpful hint is to plant the taller varieties more towards the middle, while planting shorter varieties more towards the edge of the planter to keep smaller bulb flowers from being hidden. Finish planting by adding any remaining soil on top. If desired, add mulch, pine needles or leaves for a decorative finished look. Water well, drenching the soil deeply. If needed, repeat this step a few times the first few days, and water thereafter to keep the soil damp (not wet). Place the planter in a garage/cellar/shed/sheltered area that maintains a temperature of 45-50ºF for 12-16 weeks. Flower bulbs need to go through their dormancy phase by being exposed to colder temperatures in order to develop properly and bloom in spring, without risk of freezing and intermittent warming. After the dormancy phase you will see the tips poke through the soil, at which time, after risk of freezing has passed, place the planter outside on the patio. Then sit back, let Mother Nature do its thing, and in 3-4 weeks you will see blooms. Water and protect from the elements as needed.

Care Tip

Plants in containers are above soil level and exposed to the elements which make them more prone to freeze damage during the winter than plants planted in the garden. Take extra precautions and overwinter the planter in a protected area (shed or garage) during freezing temperatures (best to provide a winter environment that is one zone hardier than your area).