Ornamental Grass - Pink Muhly - One 3.25" Dormant Potted Plant

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Our national attention is turning to climate change. All the data say it's crunch time, and that plants are essential for building communities that can withstand these changes. A 2016 report from the EPA explored ways green infrastructure can improve community resiliency. Experts and stakeholders outlined strategies to help communities prepare for and mitigate the effects of climate change. Strategies included managing flood risk, reducing urban heat island effects, and decreasing the energy needed to manage water. Ornamental grasses and sedges can be part of the answer in all the case studies cited in the EPA report. Grasses and sedges anchor the plantings that help clean our water, reduce flooding, and lessen the effects of rising temperatures. Let's work towards a better environment.

About this Variety

Muhlenbergia capillaris. Muhlenbergia capillaris is one of the most exciting members of the grass world. Pink Muhly Grass is sought after for several reasons: spectacular pink plume color, drought tolerance and undemanding nature. Pink Muhly Grass grows in a mound with erect, blue-green foliage until September when spectacular, billowing pink seed heads form a cotton-candy crown. When planted in masses, the dramatic effect can take your breath away. Because it is drought tolerant and requires little attention once established, Muhlenbergia capillaris is used extensively on golf courses and in home landscapes. It’s excellent on steep banks. Pink Muhly Grass should be cut back in early spring, but cut well above the crown (3-4”) to preserve growing points. When planted in masses, allow adequate spacing for good air circulation to help prevent tar spot (Phyllachora). If planting in fall, plant at least a month before first frost in improve overwintering.


  • Spectacular pink plumes
  • Ships as a dormant young plant in a 3.25" nursery pot, in its sleeping beauty stage
  • Dormant plants ship without leaves nor flowers as it's all about the roots


Full Sun


Early Fall


Grows 4' tall


Plant 3' apart, with root ball even with ground level

USDA Zones:

Hardy in USDA zones 6-10

Growing Instructions

Dig a hole two times the width of the Liner pot. Set top of root ball even with ground level. Combine planting mix and garden soil. Fill to ground level and tamp down firmly. Water to settle soil. Add layer of mulch to retain moisture and discourage weeds. Water regularly for the first year, then as needed once established. Feed with a quality fertilizer following application and frequency instructions, typically just before and during the growing season.

Care Tip

Can be cut back if plants get too tall or floppy; if cutting back, do so by early August so flowering is not interrupted.