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Narcissus are excellent for growing indoors in containers. Narcissus paperwhites are the most well known of indoor forcing narcissus. These flower bulbs will grow in soil or water with rocks or decorative stones. Expect delightfully fragrant blooms indoors during the dreary winter months.

About this Variety

Timeless beauty, sweet perfume and absolute dependability have made Narcissus Paperwhites the absolute all-time favorite bulb for indoor forcing in winter. Clusters of pure white blooms will appear 4-6 weeks after potting. Very easy to grow, no special handling or treatment is required. Each bulb is so large that it will likely grow 3 to 4 stems PER bulb. Due to their size, they are best spaced further apart than normal, thus requiring fewer bulbs per planting vessel. Truly unique and not readily available at local nurseries or box stores in this special bulb size.


  • Force indoors
  • Grow with or without soil
  • Delightful fragrance
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Great for gift giving


Indirect Light


Indoors in Winter; 4-6 weeks after planting


Grows 16-24" tall


Spaced evenly in container; 1-2" apart, 1-2" deep with top 'point' of bulb exposed above soil line.

USDA Zones:

Indoor forcing; Grow outdoors as Perennial in zones 8-11.

Growing Instructions

To grow in soil, peatmoss or vermiculite, place bulbs near the surface so their noses, or points, are visible. After planting, water well then drain water out to just below the bottom of the bulbs. To grow without soil, fill container with pebbles or decorative stones with a minimum height of 2" or to a maximum height of 1" below the top of the container. Place the bulbs on top of the pebbles; a few small pebbles may also be placed between bulbs for support. Add water to the container until it reaches just below the bottom of the bulbs. Place container in a warm location where the bulbs will receive indirect light. After the paperwhites have bloomed indoors, add water as needed to maintain the leaves. When all danger of frost has passed and when the ground outdoors is workable, bulbs can be planted outside to naturalize in USDA hardy zones 8-11.

Care Tip

Paperwhite narcissus bulbs can be kept for months and should be planted approximately 6 weeks before desired bloom time. Store bulbs before planting at 65ºF or cooler. Paperwhites grow equally well in soil or without soil in a container with pebbles and water.


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