Narcissus - Paperwhite - Boxed Gift Kit

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Narcissus are excellent for growing indoors in containers. Narcissus paperwhites are the most well known of indoor forcing narcissus. These flower bulbs will grow in soil or water with rocks or decorative stones. Expect delightfully fragrant blooms indoors during the dreary winter months. Very easy to grow with no special handling or treatment required.

About this Variety

This Paperwhite boxed gift kit comes with everything you need to grow: 4 Paperwhite bulbs, a 6" standard plastic nursery pot, planting medium and growing instructions. Bulbs are essentially storage mechanisms and already contain everything needed to produce flowers.


  • Complete kit for forcing indoors
  • Easy to grow holiday color
  • Delightful fragrance
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Great for gift giving


Indirect Light


Indoors in Winter; 4-6 weeks after planting


Grows 16-24" tall


Space evenly in container. 1-2" deep with top 'point' of bulb exposed above soil line.

USDA Zones:

Indoor forcing; Grow outdoors as Perennial in zones 8-11.

Growing Instructions

Paperwhites are tender bulbs and needs to be planted in pots indoors throughout most of North America. To grow indoors as a house plant proceed as follows: Expand the soil block which comes with the kit, following the included directions, then fill about half the pot with the medium. Set the bulbs atop the soil, filling in with soil around the bulbs to maintain them in position. About the top third of the bulb should be left exposed above the soil level, leaving room in the pot for watering. Paperwhite bulbs like room temperatures, and exposure to sunshine will keep them shorter. As the flower stalks grows towards the light, rotate the pot frequently to prevent toppling. Sit back and enjoy!

Care Tip

They are best rooted at cooler temperatures, below 60F. Once rooted, a somewhat warmer house temperature is preferred, but not too hot or too dry an environment, as it may hinder flowering. The less light they receive, the taller they will grow.


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