Lycoris - Aurea

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Lycoris, a member of the amaryllis family, is an heirloom favorite in southern gardens of the United States. It produces red, yellow, white or pink flower clusters (depending on variety) on strong, tall, naked stems. Strap-shaped leaves emerge before the bloom stalk appears.

Once established, lycoris are care-free and long-lived. Lycoris blooms are said to resemble spider legs, hence the name 'Spider Lily'. The names 'Resurrection Flower', 'Surprise Lily', 'Magic Lily' or 'Naked Ladies' are from the leaves disappearing in summer with the flower spikes seeming to rise from the dead in late summer.

Lycoris typically bloom during hurricane season in Florida which is where the name 'Hurricane Lily' originates.

About this Variety

Lycoris Aurea is a larger cousin to the red spider lily - Lycoris Radiata. This yellow variety has larger flowers, leaves and bulbs. The blooms are golden orange and remind us of deciduous azaleas. It blooms when many plants are preparing to go dormant. Nice collector variety.


  • Beneficial to pollinators; attracts butterflies
  • Exceptional naturalizer
  • Deer & critter resistant
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Great for borders, rock gardens and scatter plantings


Full Sun to Partial Shade


Late Summer to Early Fall


Grows 12-24" tall


Plant 5-8" apart, 1-2" deep with top 'point' of bulb exposed above soil line

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 5-10. Grow as Annual elsewhere.

Growing Instructions

Plant in the fall, before the first frost hardens the soil. Dig a hole to the required depth. Place bulb in hole, pointed side up. Cover with soil and water thoroughly. Mulch in extreme climates.

For container planting, bury the bulb three times as deep as the bulb is wide. In zones 6 and below, you will need to protect your bulb containers. Place them near the foundation of the house or other structure. In zones 3-5, place the container in an unheated garage or shed.

After blooming, leave the bulbs in place so plants can clump or reseed. Divide only when containers or planting spaces become too crowded. Propagate in the fall by division after they have been chilled for four weeks in a moist medium.

Care Tip

Lycoris grows best when left undisturbed and for this reason is not recommended for containers. Dig up in fall and overwinter in zones 3-4. Replant in spring after danger of frost has passed.


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