Canna - Lucifer - Patio Kit - with Decorative Rattan Planter, Planting Medium & Root

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If you have limited space, no garden at all or just prefer container gardening, this kit is made for you! Container gardening makes it easy to care for your plants. As long as you have space on your porch, deck, patio or balcony for a medium-sized container, you can garden. Our transition styled decorative rattan planter (sized 12" x 12" x 16") comes with a hard-shell inner plastic growing pot, bag of medium, planting stock, gardening gloves and growing directions.

About this Variety

Canna Lucifer is a fantastic choice for a spectacular addition to the home patio. Its large, sizzling, scarlet-red flowers are edged in bright yellow with deep-green, contrasting foliage. Cannas are fast growers.

Growing Instructions

First, decide where the planted will be located and if you want the pot needs drainage. Proper drainage is key if you are placing the planter outside. If placing outside, remove the drainage plug(s) from the bottom. Then empty about 85% of the medium bag into the pot. Firm and smooth the planting medium. Next, place the bulb(s)/root(s) onto the soil, centering it/them, spreading the root(s) out (if roots) and then add remaining medium on top. Water well, saturating the soil deeply. Continue to saturate soil for first few days then water as need. Sit back and let mother nature do its thing!

Care Tip

Plants in containers are above soil level and exposed to the elements which make them more prone to freeze damage during the winter than plants planted in the garden. Take extra precautions and overwinter the planter in a protected area (shed or garage) during freezing temperatures (best to provide a winter environment that is one zone hardier than your area). To overwinter: Water plants thoroughly and move borderline-hardy plants into a protected area to increase chance of survival. Because the plant is dormant, light isn't required. Check every few weeks to ensure the planting medium isn't dry. Water sparingly. Overwatering can cause the plants to come out of dormancy. Place planter back outside to restart its cycle when spring and warmer temperatures return!


  • Exotic, tropical foliage and color
  • Easy to grow in containers
  • Dwarf variety


Full sun to partial shade


All summer


Grows 32-36" tall


Plant 2-4" deep

USDA Zones:

Hardy in USDA zones 8-11