Live - Fresh Cut - Northwest Christmas Tree Centerpiece - with Lights

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Pacific Northwest holiday evergreens are freshly harvested and fragrant throughout the holiday season. Combine wreaths, garlands and centerpieces to decorate your home or office for this special magical time of year. Handcrafted stylish made to order arrangements. Natural, beautiful and timeless. Grower is MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) certified, verified through third-party verification that the company cares about the environment and uses sustainable practices.

About this Variety

Red berry clusters and white painted pine cones decorate our fresh Noble Fir Christmas Tree centerpiece, emitting fragrance throughout the holiday season. Approximately 10" tall. Comes with a pre-installed strand of 48 LED lights and operates on 3 AA batteries for the entire season. Batteries are not included.


  • Festive holiday gift
  • Combine freshly harvested wreaths, garlands and centerpieces to decorate your home or office for this special time of year
  • Actual handmade wreath may differ slightly from the picture shown

Care Instructions

During the storage period, refrigeration is optimal for keeping holiday wreaths fresh-looking prior to display. As an alternative, store in a cool place. Open box and spritz with water regularly. Once displayed, your evergreen arrangement will last longer if kept away from direct sun exposure or wind. Spritz with water as needed.

Ornaments may be attached using floral wire, hot glue gun or zip ties. Flower stems may also be inserted into water tubes before placing into the wreath.


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