Hyacinth - Pre-Chilled Planted - Carnegie - Kit - with Iron Brass Finish Bulb Planter and Stand

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Forcing a hyacinth simply means to grow it indoors. They can be grown in a special shaped hyacinth glass on just water or grown in pots with soil. It is not difficult to force indoors, but but does require a little patience. You will be rewarded with color and fragrance indoors in winter when little else is in bloom.

About this Variety

One hyacinth bulb, size 18/19cm, comes pre-planted in a nursery pot with drainage and topped with sheet moss for a festive finish. Included is an iron polished, brass-like decorative premium planter - approximately 4 x 4 x 4" plus stand.


  • Delightfully sweet fragrance
  • Great for gift giving
  • Force indoors
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Colorful blooms


Indirect light


Indoors in Winter; 12-14 weeks after planting


Grows 8-14" tall

USDA Zones:

Indoor forcing; Grow outdoors as Perennial in zones 4-8.

Growing Instructions

Potted, pre-chilled hyacinths bulbs will require an additional period of cooling before they will bloom. By using our pre-chilled bulbs you speed up this process. Put the entire pot in a closed plastic bag and place in the refrigerator (this puts them though a fake winter). Leave the pot in the refrigerator approximately 3 months, during which time you will see visible growth. Soil should stay moist so add a little water if needed. Take the pot out of the refrigerator and remove plastic bag. Place in a cool window to force them into bloom.

Care Tip

Contact with hyacinth bulbs may cause skin irritation. Use gloves or handle with care. Wash hands thoroughly after planting.