Hosta - Miracle Lemony - First Ever Yellow Flowering

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Hostas are not grown for their flowers but for their foliage. They come in a spectrum of blues, golds, greens, yellows and whites as well as variegated, some speckled and others striped. They thrive in the shade, even though they can withstand some sun, are long-lived and low-maintenance. Many hosta varieties have seasonal color or can change color depending on growing conditions. While there are well over 3,000 cultivars to choose from we offer a range of foliage shapes, colors and sizes. They can take years to fully mature, each year exhibiting a change in color, texture and form.

About this Variety

Even though hostas are primarily grown for their foliage, we are going to contradict ourselves in that what makes this newer hosta so special - its flowers. Its claim to fame is that it is the first hosta to produce yellow flowers. They are fragrant and are a colorful addition to the shade garden. Stands out against a green back drop. Limited availability. Sure to sell out early in the season.


  • Rare color
  • Easy to grow
  • Beneficial to pollinators; attracts hummingbirds
  • Returns bigger and more impressive each year
  • Lush foliage


Partial shade to full shade




Grows 12" tall


Plant 24" apart, 1.5-2" deep

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 3-9, Grow as Annual elsewhere.

Growing Instructions

While drought tolerant, they do not like being kept dry for too long. They prefer rich, well-drained soil with a consistent supply of moisture.

Care Tip

Basically maintenance free. Clip out dead flower stalks after blooming.