Flower Bulb Planting Auger

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Quickly and easily dig holes with our E-Z Bulb Auger, saving time and energy. Skip digging the hard way. Durable steel construction approximately 24.5" in length and almost 3" wide/diameter. Hunter green color.

About this Variety

Use for planting bulbs, corms, roots, rhizomes, tubers, seedlings, plant plugs and bedding plants. Also great for creating aeration and/or the fertilization of trees and shrubs, soil testing and sod plugging.


  • The best tools to make planting a snap
  • Bend-free tool for planting bulbs
  • Durable quality


Simply attach the E-Z Bulb Auger to any typical drill, turn it on and insert into soil to the necessary depth.


Fits almost any typical standard drill.