Elephant Ear - Royal Hawaiian® Tropical Storm

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Elephant Ear bulbs are among the most eye catching of the bulbs available for purchase. Not only are they one of the largest flowering bulbs but they are also very versatile and can grow with little sunlight to full shade. Beautiful on their own or planted as a back drop for your favorite blooms, they provide a bold tropical effect in nearly any garden. Grown for only their foliage which are reminiscent of an elephant's ears. Once established they require little to no attention.

About this Variety

Royal Hawaiian® Tropical Storm PP 28567 is robust and vigorous featuring long, dark purple-black leaves with contrasting creamy white centers and wavy leaf margins. A must have for collectors and lovers alike.


  • Plant patent PP28567
  • Exotic, tropical foliage
  • Grows well in containers


Full Sun to Partial Shade


Foliage summer to fall


Grows 18-24" tall


Plant 18-24" apart, 2-4" deep

USDA Zones:

Hardy in USDA zones 8-12

Growing Instructions

Plant Elephant Ears outdoors in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. Elephant Ears thrive in a full sun to partially shaded spot in moist, rich soil. Elephant Ears will tolerate full sun but prefer to have a little shade. Plant tubers 2-4" deep and 18-24" apart. When planting a large number of bulbs in one bed, excavate the entire area to the recommended depth, work fertilizer into the bottom of the trench, set out bulbs and then cover all at once. Water thoroughly at planting. While actively growing, water frequently and thoroughly so that water will reach roots. Mulch to keep the soil cool and to prevent the soil from drying out. Fertilize at planting and during growing season every two to three weeks. In areas where Elephant Ears are not winter hardy, dig up tubers in fall before frost. Clean off roots and store at 50ºF. Replant tubers in spring after all danger of frost has passed.

Care Tip

Elephant Ears are suitable for large pots, raised beds and will grow in standing water. Water well during dry periods. Some varieties of Elephant Ears can be grown indoors in a very bright location in consistently moist soil.