Early Spring Bulb Garden

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Flower bulbs are inexpensive and very easy to grow. There are many varieties to pick and choose from, and because of this, you may not know how to begin. Even though you can't go wrong by putting garden combinations together yourself through some trial-and-error, we can help you get started with our Do-It-For-Me-Collections. Our long-time employees select these iconic Dutch bulb varieties for your gardening enjoyment. The Do-It-For-Me-Collections are foolproof and complimentary in color, bloom time, and plant height, and are goal/theme oriented. For maximum versatility, all bulbs are individually bagged and labeled.

About this Variety

Our custom 'Early Spring Bulb Garden' consists of a perfect pairing of Tarda tulips, Chionodoxa Luciliae, and Muscari armeniacum bulbs.


  • Gardening made easy
  • Easy to plant and will grow nearly anywhere
  • Picture perfect pairing of varieties
  • Flower bulbs are inexpensive and very easy to grow
  • These garden collections are foolproof and complimentary in color, bloom time, plant height and are goal/theme oriented


Full Sun to Partial Shade




Grows 5-6" tall


Plant 4-8" apart, 4-8" deep

USDA Zones:

Hardy in USDA zones 3-8

Growing Instructions

To ensure optimal results, allow adequate space and sunlight, plant at the appropriate depth, feed with a well balanced fertilizer, removing the flowers as soon as they go but allowing the leaves to yellow before removing. Best planted in late fall. In some areas, gardeners treat flower bulbs as annuals. For an informal look, plant in groups in natural swathes or bouquets.

Care Tip

In USDA zones 8-10, refrigerate the bulbs for no less than eight weeks. In the garden, plant them before frost, but not as early as in the northern part of the country. Planting them in a lightly shaded area will keep them cool and prolong blooming.


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