Dahlia - Blue Record

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Growing dahlias is very easy when grown from our tubers (bulbs) and we guarantee them to grow and bloom. If you have been to a state fair, you have probably seen a pavilion filled with these exotic amazing blossoms. Collected by many gardeners, they make for sturdy varietal plants and are excellent in perennial borders. Growing them will likely lead to a hobby as the spectacular blooms are addictive and quite versatile in the garden. They can also be grown as pot plants. A gardening expert once said of dahlias, "Never have so many enjoyed so much with so little time and work". He was right! Plus, they are inexpensive. It is also the national flower of Mexico.

About this Variety

Purplish-pink colored dahlias are highly sought after, and Blue Record delivers with its unique and mesmerizing bright petals. This variety stands out among other dahlias, making it a prized addition to any garden or floral arrangement.


  • Sought after for its striking blue coloration
  • Captivating sought after blue coloration
  • Excellent for bouquets and cut flower arrangements


Full Sun to Partial Shade


Late summer through early fall


Grows 24-36" tall


Plant 18-24" apart, 3" deep

USDA Zones:

Hardy in USDA zones 9-11

Growing Instructions

Exact care of dahlia flowers may vary dependent upon your zone, but these tips should help you get maximum blooms and healthy bushy plants. Plant in well-drained soil, after danger of frost has passed, where they will get plenty of sunlight. They respond dramatically to feeding, increasing the growth of leaves, flowers and your tuber clump for an even bigger show next season. Water well.

Care Tip

Big dahlias might need a support structure to keep the heavy huge blooms from bending to the ground. Cut flowers only after they are almost fully open to enjoy them in a vase indoors. The more you cut, the more they bloom.