Clematis - Nelly Moser

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Clematis vines are prized for their incredible flowers. Known as the "Queen of the Climbers", clematis plants are easily trained to grow onto trellises and fences, or arch gracefully over doorways. They are stunning when used alone, creating major focal impact.

About this Variety

Clematis Nelly Moser produces creamy-pink flowers with a bright pink stripe down each and every petal. It blooms early summer and again later in the summer.


  • Beneficial to pollinators; attracts butterflies
  • Easy to grow
  • Grows well on trellis, wall, arbor, mailbox or fence
  • Returns and blooms year after year
  • Large, beautiful blooms


Full Sun to Partial Shade




Grows 10-12' tall


Plant 24-48" apart; 2-3" deep

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 4-9. Grow as Annual elsewhere.

Growing Instructions

Plant clematis in the spring after all danger of frost has passed in a full sun to partially shaded location in moist but well draining soil. Soil preparation: The ideal soil is porous and drains well and yet still holds enough water for the roots. If your soil is heavy clay and drains slowly, or very sandy and does not hold water, add organic soil amendments (peat moss or ground bark). Spread a 3-4" layer of soil amendment, add fertilizer and incorporate together into the soil to a depth of 10". To plant: Dig a hole 2-3" deep in a sunny (at least 4 hours of direct sun), well drained location. Place the clematis in hole with roots pointed down and space 24-48" apart. Cover with soil and water. Mulch in to keep roots cool and plant low, ground cover plants to shade the lower plant parts. Container planting: Clematis are suitable for container planting as well as garden planting. For container planting, select a container that is at least 18x18". Fill container with potting mix leaving an adequate amount of space for a good watering basin. Plant the clematis rootball 2" below the soil level. Add a stake or trellis to the container for support. Water regularly. Water deeply and thoroughly during hot summer months.

Care Tip

In early spring, thin out weak and dead wood before new growth appears. Trim out faded blooms to encourage flowering. Water deeply and thoroughly during hot summer months.