Pond Plant Marginal Collection - Premium Series - 3 Varieties - 3 Kits

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We want you to be successful in growing your pond plants and are using top quality components to enhance the experience.  Pond plant marginals (sometimes called bog plants) are essential in creating a healthy ecosystem in your pond. While they rely on pond water for nutrients, they improve water quality by extracting excess detrimental nutrients from the pond environment before they can accumulate, and they also provide oxygen. These colorful, exotic plants grow in shallow water or saturated soil around the rim or margins of a pond where the water meets the land. Though the roots grow underwater, the majority of the plant grows and lives above the water.  Our water plant kits come with everything needed to grow your plant; basket, fabric basket liner, plant, medium, gravel and fertilizer. What is a pond without pond plants?

About this Variety

This Pond Plant Marginal Collection consists of the following varieties: Iris Black Gamecock, Pontederia and Acorus calamus Variegatus. Each kit contains 2 roots of each variety that are individually packaged and labeled.


  • Aquatic plants bring color to ponds
  • Creates a wildlife habitat for pond animals
  • Essential in creating a healthy ecosystem in your pond
  • Easy to grow


Full Sun to Partial Shade




Grows 24-36" tall


Plant 12" apart, 0.5-9" deep

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 4-10. Grow as Annual elsewhere.

Growing Instructions

Spring to summer is a good time to plant. The water is warming up and the plants should establish well. Pond plants generally prefer water temperatures above 60°F to initiate growth. Our kit comes with everything needed; basket, fabric basket liner, soil, stones, plant food and the plant. To grow follow the following steps: 1. Unpack the box of components. 2. Remove the fabric bag with soil and bag with stones from the plastic bag. 3. Neatly place the black fabric bag with soil into the basket. 4. With scissors, shorten the black fabric bag about 1.5" above the rim of the basket. 5. Add the plant food tabs by pushing them into the clay. Remove the root from its package, sphagnum moss and all, and plant it in the center of the basket. Leave the tips slightly exposed. 6. Fold the fabric bag back over onto the top of the soil. This should leave an opening in the middle for the plant to grow. If not, cut the bag back some more. 7. Place the stones on top of the basket to weigh it down. 8. Before placing the basket into the pond, water it heavily several times to settle and solidify the soil. It's best to do this several times. 9. Submerge the entire basket into the pond, about a foot at a time, until you have it at the location of your choice.

Care Tip

To make your pond look natural and balanced, it is usually best to choose a variety of plants, instead of three of the same variety for example.


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