Flower Bulb Planter Auger & Trowel Set

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In case your soil is hard to dig, a combination of bulb planting tools may work better. Quickly dig holes with minimal effort with the E-Z Bulb Auger that fits on just about any drill and/or use the multi-use extended handle length E-Z Bulb Trowel to plant numerous bulbs at a time. The auger is approximately 24.5" in length and almost 3" in diameter, while the trowel is approximately 17.5" in length and 2" wide. Both are made of durable steel construction and hunter green in color.

About this Variety

A Van Zyverden exclusive tool set for planting bulbs, corms, roots, rhizomes, tubers, seedlings, plant plugs and bedding plants. Also great for creating aeration and/or the fertilization of trees and shrubs, soil testing and sod plugging.


  • The best tools to make planting a snap
  • Bend-free tool for planting bulbs and just about anything
  • Great for aeration


Simply attach the E-Z Bulb Auger to any typical drill, turn it on and insert into soil to the necessary depth. Insert E-Z Bulb Trowel into the dirt and pull it towards you twisting and turning it to loosen soil. Dig the hole and drop in whatever you are planting.


Auger fits almost any typical standard drill. The long, extended handle creates more leverage to work hard soils