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Roses are among America's favorite flowers and grow to a sturdy flowering shrub that will return for years to come. Each year roses grow larger and more beautiful than the year prior. Today's roses are easy to grow, mostly fragrant, hardy and naturally disease resistant. Through our network of top professional breeders we are able to offer you a selection of exceptional roses. Planting roses is fun and a rewarding way to invest in your garden for years to come.

About this Variety

Maurice Utrillo™ is a hybrid tea type rose and part of the popular Painters Collection series created by Georges Delbard Roses. Its blooms are bright red, brilliantly contrasted by vibrant slashes of yellow and cream. Its blooms are double clusters 3-4" in diameter, moderately fragrant with lush glossy green foliage.


  • Roses are among America's favorite flowers
  • Brilliantly colored, hybrid tea type
  • 3-4" double cluster blooms
  • Excellent for bouquets and cut flower arrangements
  • Known for its vigor


Full sun to partial shade




Grows 36-48" tall


Plant 36" apart, with bud union 1" above ground level

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 5-9. Grow as Annual elsewhere.

Growing Instructions

1. Select a well-drained location away from trees and hedges where there is sun at least half a day. 2. Prepare the site by digging a hole 12-15" deep and about the same width. If available add 6-8" of compost, manure or top soil. 3. Best to plant immediately upon arrival. Remove packaging and soak the in water for about an hour. Prune the canes back to about 1" above the bud union. Spread the roots out evenly into the prepared hole. Plant at a depth with the bud union (where the branches come together) about 1" above the soil level after back filling the hole. 4. Best to mound soil or mulch over the bud union until the danger of frost has passed - removing once new growth is observed. 5. Soak soil every week until established when rain fall is deficient. 6. Fertilize with a season-long balanced fertilizer once leaves start to emerge.

Care Tip

Pruning an inch or so off the canes will help send a message to the rose that it is time to start growing once again.