Skeleton Flower - Woodland Plant

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Diphylleia grayi, Skeleton Flower, is a native of the colder moist wooded sloped areas of Japan and China. It is a woodland perennial also commonly known as umbrella flower. It makes for a good ground cover in shady areas as it is sensitive to direct sun. Best planted in groups instead of as an accent plant. There are other Diphylleia species but only grayi have the crystal flower effect.

About this Variety

What makes this plant so unique is that its flowers when wet, turn translucent see through glass like leaving only the veining of the flower. Hence its common name. After they dry up, they turn back white. Blueish-purple fruit clusters develop in the fall after flowering. It is slow growing but long lived if properly located and initially cared for.


  • Incredible translucent flowers
  • Perennial plant which will return for years to come
  • After it flowers it bears dark blue purple fruit


Partial Shade to Full Shade




Grows 12-18" tall


Plant 12-36" apart, 1-2" deep just below soil level

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 4-9. Grow as Annual elsewhere.