Hyacinth - Blue - Kit - with Clear Artisan Glass

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Dutch hyacinths may be the perfect spring flower. They are available in a rainbow of rich colors with unsurpassed fragrance, classic shape and reliability. Small, bell-shaped flowers are packed onto a thick, fragrant spike. A favorite for growing in the spring garden or for forcing indoors during the winter months.

About this Variety

Included is one very large 18/19 cm prepared Blue Hyacinth bulb and a clear, sturdy, artisan glass especially designed for this purpose.


  • Delightfully sweet fragrance
  • Great for gift giving
  • Force indoors
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Colorful blooms


Indirect light


Indoors in Winter; 12-14 weeks after planting


Grows 8-14" tall

USDA Zones:

Indoor forcing; Grow outdoors as Perennial in zones 4-8.

Growing Instructions

To force indoors in a bulb vase, place bulb in the cup-shaped spot at top of vase and fill with water just until water level is touching the roots.

Place in a cool, dark location (such as a closet), making sure the soil remains damp for several weeks to ensure adequate root development. Maintain water level.

When shoot tips are visible, move to a 50ºF environment at first, gradually moving to higher temperature locations as more shoot appears and giving as much light as possible. After forcing, keep in a cool, but sunny location to finish growth.

Care Tip

Contact with hyacinth bulbs may cause skin irritation. Use gloves or handle with care. Wash hands thoroughly after planting.