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When thinking of container patio, deck, front entry, or balcony gardening gardening most gardeners think first of using annuals that are available just about anywhere in the spring. Flower bulbs are often overlooked but a much better value. They will return and bloom for years to come instead of having to be replanted annually if grown in their appropriate hardy zone. There's not much better than easily movable containers, placed where you want them, with plants that grow larger and more beautiful each year. Very easy to grow and low maintenance.

About this Variety

This picture perfect collection combines two bulb varieties: Crocosmia and Oxalis.


  • Choose your own container
  • Easy to grow
  • Carefully selected varieties ensure optimum performance


Full sun


All summer


Grows 8-48" tall


Plant 1.5-2" deep

USDA Zones:

Hardy in USDA zones 6-9

Growing Instructions

Nearly any type of container will do, with each type having its obvious advantages and disadvantages. Just make sure that it has proper drainage and some air circulation for the roots. Without it the roots may rot. Container height should be about a third of the height of the plants. Keep in mind that most plants do not reach their full size potential in pots. Most any commercial soil mix will work. Some come with slow release fertilizer mixed in, while you can also add your own at planting time. Container placement depends on the plants you are growing considering sun and or shade exposure requirements. Grow plants that are hardy in your zone as plants grown in pots are more prone to winter damage than plants planted in the ground. During freezing temperatures you may need to protect the pot depending on your zone. Placing them in a shed or garage may do. Repot the plants into larger containers as the plants outgrow its pot size in the years to come, or transfer them to the garden.

Care Tip

Plants in containers are above soil level and exposed to the elements which make them more prone to freeze damage during the winter than plants planted in the garden. Take extra precautions and overwinter the planter in a protected area (shed or garage) during freezing temperatures (best to provide a winter environment that is one zone hardier than your area). To overwinter: Water plants thoroughly and move borderline-hardy plants into a protected area to increase chance of survival. Because the plant is dormant, light isn't required. Check every few weeks to ensure the planting medium isn't dry. Water sparingly. Overwatering can cause the plants to come out of dormancy. Place planter back outside to restart its cycle when spring and warmer temperatures return!