Begonia - Fimbriata - Blend

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Tuberous begonias were discovered in the forests of Bolivia and Peru. Next to bedding begonias "Semperflorens" tuberous begonias are probably the best-known, most widely grown and are enjoyed by the average gardener around the world. Growing and caring for begonias is easy, especially when growing from tubers. They produce stunning showy large flowers.

About this Variety

Fimbriata begonias are long blooming, producing double flowers which are very fragrant and with fringed edged blooms.


  • Bold color for the shade
  • Dark green veiny foliage
  • Blooms from early summer to first frost
  • Provide color all summer to fall
  • Deer & critter resistant


Partial shade to full shade


Early summer


Grows 18" tall


Plant 8-14" apart, 1-2" deep

USDA Zones:

Grow as Perennial in zones 9-10. Grow as Annual elsewhere.

Growing Instructions

In the North, tubers should be started indoors in late winter or early spring to bloom by summer. Once weather permits, after danger of frost, they can be moved outdoors. Plant them concave side up. Growing begonias from tubers requires warm temperatures. Plant 1 tuber per 7-10" pot.

Care Tip

These are not plants for the deep south or desert southwest since they do not grow well in hot, arid environments without special care. Shade from hot sunlight, but allow some sun. Keep containers moist and avoid overwatering. Removing any wilted leaves or flowers will encourage the plants to produce more flowers.